Local Internet Icon Discovers Family of Kittens

Everyone knows the internet goes wild for cute, adorable kittens: but this new "cat dad" brought the hype to a whole new level.

Posted on: 27 January 2020

Last Monday, Monroe's own local internet star Theodore Calder (who has a total follower count of 34.2k on Twitter) came home to a big surprise. That afternoon, he left his job as a librarian at Monroe Public Libraries in complete ignorance of what he would find at home. Just as he settled in, taking off his coat and shoes with the plan to lay down for a relaxing night of Netflix, Theo made the startling discovery: a mother cat with three little kittens nesting underneath his bed.

Interestingly enough, the mother cat wasn't hostile in the slightest when Theo, a known animal lover, came in for a closer look. Theo would then post various pictures from where he cuddled close to the cat family under his bed. But the adorable story doesn't stop there. Theo, who had created a large Twitter thread consisting of precisely 23 messages about the kittens and how cute they are, would later take the mother cat to the vet in hopes she was unowned. After a quick scan for a tracking chip, Mr. Calder would receive the exciting news that the cat was indeed a stray.

Theo wasted no time taking care of the proper immunizations for the mother cat, and would end up spending nearly $400 on necessary cat items (bed, tower, toys, food, litterbox, and much more) to spoil his new "cat children". The internet idol would, from then on, refer to himself as "Cat Dad".

"I never expected this all to happen, but I'm sure glad it did." -Theodore

"I wasn't sure about adopting four cats all at once, but they're part of the family now." -Milo, roommate of Theo

If you are interested in following the story of Theo and his new family of cats, follow him on Twitter: @TheoLeoCalder_2020

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